About JOFA Group

About JOFA Group of Companies JOFA Group is a broader umbrella overlooking a cluster of companies operational in various sectors, including jewelry, diamonds, high value textiles, premium food distribution, executive office construction and armored security services within Pakistan. Each of the individual business entities under the JOFA Group share a common set of business values and philosophy, which has enabled the JOFA Group to succeed in virtually every field it has endeavored in.

Today, JOFA Group comprises of eight business holdings serving a premium clientele in Pakistan’s major megacities. The group has introduced to Pakistani market several lines of refined products, like the premium global Ice Cream brand Mövenpick from Switzerland. JOFA International, a division of JOFA Group of Companies has the right posture in terms of finances and capacity to serve the finest ice cream brand in leading hotels, gourmet restaurants and kiosks in major urban centers of Pakistan. JOFA Foods independently works on its own vast network of food supply network to distribute Pakistan’s leading refreshments brand Rooh Afza. The leading market share of the drink year after year is a standing testimony of JOFA Group’s capacity to mould and work to its best advantage in diverse fields.

JOFA Jewelry and Gold Mark are becoming increasingly finding recognition among the city’s finest jewelry wearers and connoisseurs for its premium design and make. Catering a customer base from a trendy, more fashionable clientele to full-blown Eastern bridal jewelry, JOFA has become synonymous with high value design in jewelry at par with international standards. Carrying on its strong tradition of surprising jewelry lovers, JOFA Group launched a dedicated Diamond Gallery in Karachi, catering to the most exclusive and picky among the city’s dwellers. The gallery offers a unique blend of fabulous Italian-mixed-Indian style of cut and crushed diamonds.

Toeing its magnificent JOFA jewelry lineup is the upcoming JOFA Premium Lawn from JOFA Textiles. The Lawn Collection was launched for the first time in the spring of 2010, with the jewelry wearers in mind. The plush fabrics, smooth curves and intricate design makes for a marvelous combo with JOFA’s premium jewelry collection.

JOFA Constructions has been involved in the development of multiple megaprojects in Karachi. Its lead project: JOFA Towers has been planned keeping the most executive class of business operations in mind. While construction is underway, the complex is designed as a modern marvel of design, functionality and class.

JOFA Armored Security has been launched to fill up a crucial gap in the nation’s current business environment. The JOFA armored division provides trustable premise and personal security for businesses and homeowners. The security personnel has been professionally trained in handling modern surveillance equipment like sensors, motion detectors and CCTVs. The Company manages a fleet of modern escort vehicles, 4x4s and an arsenal of automatic and semiautomatic weaponry.



JOFA Group is spearheaded by Mr. Muhammad Asim, aliased Asim Jofa –a renowned Pakistani jewelry artist who happens to be a tasteful entrepreneur. A certified Gems and Jewelry designer from the US, Asim has absorbed from across the Atlantic most contemporary trends in jewelry design and fabrication techniques. As a designer, Asim soon became recognized by the name of Jofa, the alias coined to reflect ‘Jewelry of Asim’. Thus in the name of Asim Jofa was born a unique brand of jewelry and gems collection, adored by connoisseurs and fashion-conscious alike. Pursuing his blood traits of entrepreneurship, Asim Jofa has diversified inherited business into varied fields, giving in his share towards the developing economy of Pakistan. The enterprise has branched out into sectors like premium food products, executive construction projects, diamonds, and security services; while showing a strong interest in sectors crucial to Pakistan’s economy like renewable energy. The broader array of services borrowed the name Jofa, and has since successfully
upheld the prestige associated with the brand.

Managing Director

Doctor Muhammad Imran serves in the company board as the Managing Director. He is a Masters in Business Studies, and has been pursuing his passion for business psychology, mind sciences and intuitive counseling. He holds a distinguished Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and has brought to the company his rich educational experience and professional capabilities. Doctor Imran has been certified by the Society of Neuro-linguistic Programming USA (NLP) to be a Master Practitioner of the NLP. He is an eminent Intuitive Counselor, Motivational Public Speaker, Facilitator and Trainer. The aggressive growth of JOFA Group of Companies can be rightly pinned to Dr. Imran’s zeal for the human psyche and his insurmountable inspiration. Mr. Imran has been engaged in developing multiple franchises of a leading Sandwiches outlet across Canada for seven years. His rich business acumen and diverse experience in the
field has been crucial for the group’s success.





The Jofa Group is a joint venture with large investments
in Food distribution, Jewelry, Textile, Construction and Power Generation in Pakistan.
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